Permit & Surety Guidelines

Occupancy Permits:

Looking to open a business in Springfield? Fill out one of the following and submit to Community Development for review.

Use & Occupancy Permit

Temporary Vendor Permit

Items to be submitted with Temporary Vendor Permit*:

  • A background check from TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) no older than 30 days.
  • A $1,000 bond must be on file with City Clerk or Community Development Department.
  • Link to Transient Vendor requirements from Title 9, Chapter 2 of the Municipal Code of Springfield, TN

    *Local Farmers are exempt from Background Check and Bond requirements.

Sign Permits:

City of Springfield, TN Sign Ordinance

Permanent Sign Permit

Temporary Signs

Temporary Sign Permit

Temporary Signs Permitted without a permit - Info Sheet

Real Estate Signs

  • Limited to 1 sign per property
  • Not to exceed 6 feet in height and 4 square feet in residential zones or 8 square feet in commercial zones
  • Must be removed within 7 days of settlement or lease of property.

Political Signs

  • May be displayed in any district
  • Not to exceed 16 square feet.
  • May be placed 75 days before event and removed within 7 days of event.
  • Cannot be displayed in City or State right of ways.

Prohibited Signs - Info Sheet

Surety Information:

For all bonding and surety questions contact Kimberly Atlee, Senior Planner at (615) 382 2200.