Mobile Food Service Vehicle Permit


No Mobile Food Service Vehicle (MFSV) may operate within the City without a Mobile Food Service Permit issued by the City.  A Mobile Food Service Permit authorizes the holder to engage only in the vending of products from a MFSV in compliance with City Codes and as specified on the permit.  The Mobile Food Service Permit must be prominently displayed when the MFSV is in operation. 


A MFSV operator shall apply for a Mobile Food Service Permit by payment of a $250 application fee and the following:

  • Complete an application form provided by the City Clerk, which shall include the following information:
    (a) Name and address of the owner of the vehicle;
    (b) Name and address of the operator of the vehicle;
    (c) Three color photographs of the exterior (front, side, and back) and interior food service portions of the
    vehicle in the final condition and with all markings under which it will operate;
    (d) A copy of the vehicle license and registration form reflecting the vehicle identification number (VIN) of
    the MFSV;
    (e) A copy of the state or county health department license or permit applicable to mobile food providers;
    (f)  A certificate of insurance coverage.
  • Permittee has an on-going duty to provide the City with notice of any change to any of the information required by the City to obtain a Mobile Food Service Permit, including current photographs of the MFSV in the event of any change in the appearance of or signage on the vehicle.
  • This section does not apply to contractual arrangements between a MFSV Operator and an individual, group, or the City for catering at a specific location, for a period of not more than four (4) hours that is not open to or serving the public.


All Mobile Food Service Permits expire at the end of the calendar year during which the permit was issued.  A new application with supporting documentation is required for renewal and issuance of a permit for the following calendar year.  

Please see Ordinance 21-09 for all rules and regulations for operating a Mobile Food Service Vehicle and obtaining a Mobile Food Service Vehicle Permit.