Economic Development

The City of Springfield offers tracts of land for sale in the North Industrial Park for both industrial and commercial purposes.  Land for industrial purposes can be purchased for the amount of seventeen thousand dollars ($17,000) per acre.  Smaller tracts at the edge of the park along Highway 41 and Highway 431 can be purchased for commercial purposes and will be sold at appraised market value.  The Springfield Board of Mayor and Aldermen must approve all sales of industrial and commercial property.  All sales of industrial property are authorized based upon the number of jobs created, salary and benefit levels, and the potential contribution the industry will make to the economic well-being of Springfield and Robertson County.  

All acreage within the park is readily accessible to all public utilities provided by the City of Springfield including, water, wastewater, electric distribution, and natural gas distribution.  The North Industrial Park is also located within two (2) miles of the Springfield-Robertson County Airport.  
We welcome all businesses and industries looking for a location within the City of Springfield. The city staff along with economic development personnel will assist in helping you identify available properties suitable for industrial, commercial, and retail development.  Please contact the Public Affairs Coordinator if you would like more information or to discuss a potential opportunity in Springfield.