Budget Billing

What is budget billing?

Budget Billing is a program provided by Springfield Utilities for customers who wish to spread out their utility payments evenly throughout the year.

When are applications accepted?

Applications are only accepted during the month of May.

What are the eligibility criteria for budget billing?

To be eligible for budget billing you must have a 12 month billing history at your current location with all payments having been made on time and with no returned checks. 

 How can I participate in budget billing?

You may participate in the budget billing program by completing an application which is available in the billing department in Springfield City Hall.

How is budget billing amount determined?

A budget billing amount is determined by totaling the previous 12 months actual bills and dividing the total by 11. We also take into consideration the severity of the previous year's temperatures, any rate changes, etc. which might be a factor in the cost of the bill.

When are accounts settled?

Accounts are settled up in the month of June. At this time, the difference will be added to the June bill. If the customer owes Springfield Utilities, the amount will be included on the June bill. If there was an overpayment, the credit will be applied to the June bill. If there is a credit balance left after the June bill has been figured, Springfield Utilities will issue a refund check.

When can I discontinue budget billing?

You may terminate budget billing at any time by notifying the Billing Department. At that time, any balance must be settled up.