Apply / Discontinue Service

Application of Service

To apply for any utility service, come to our Customer Service Department located in Springfield City Hall during normal business hours.  An Application for Service form must be completed.  A valid picture I.D. and social security card will also be required. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Applications received before noon will receive service by 4:30 p.m. of the same working day. Applications received after noon will receive service by noon of the next working day. Although this procedure will be followed as closely as possible, unforeseen circumstances may cause delays in connection times.

Services will not be connected if a there is a previous outstanding bill. The outstanding bill must be paid in full.

Discontinuing Service by Customer

Customers who wish to terminate service must come into City Hall and sign a disconnect order.  All disconnects must be provided in writing with a signature.  Disconnects are processed the next business day following the request or at a later date provided by the customer.  

Service Charge

Service charges will be administered to:
1)  All new customers
2)  Present customers transferring to different locations,
3)  Contractors during construction process.

Service charges must be paid before any utility service is connected. An additional fee will be charged for customers wishing to turn on service(s) after normal working hours.  Contractors will only be charged for services that are  being used during construction if the utility account is in the construction company's name. All services will be charged when the utility account is set up under the occupant's name.

Please see Fees, Deposits, and Penalties schedule for current charges.

Customer Service Standards

All wiring, piping, and any other utility related connections must conform to the Utility Department's requirements. Service lines and plumbing must be kept in good and workable condition. Also, accepted modern standards of National and Tennessee State Codes must be followed. For example, Contractors must have all water boxes and yokes to grade before service will be read into customer's name and any known leaks must be repaired before service will be provided by the City.

Rental Property:  When 1 utility meter serves more than one residence, the service for that meter shall be in the property owner's name.  If the service is in the tenants name and a water leak occurs, and the property owner is notified, if leak is not repaired after 2 consecutive billings, the water service will be transferred into the property owner's name until the leak is repaired. After 3 consecutive billing months of no leaks being reported, the service may be re established into the tenant's name. (With the understanding that if the water service is terminated by the property owner, the electric service will also be terminated by the City due to public health law requirements and service will not be reconnected until appropriate repairs are rendered).


Bills are calculated and mailed monthly and due within 5 days from the gross due date or service may be disconnected. Failure to receive bill will not release customer from payment obligation.

Termination of Service by The City

Springfield Utilities may refuse to connect or may discontinue service for the violation of any of its rules and regulations or for making false applications or contracts by the customer.  Services may also be discontinued to customer for the theft or destruction of any utility service or the appearance of theft devices on the premises of the customer or any form of tampering that damages the utility service. Additional charges for tampering may be administered before service is restored. 

Reconnection Charge

Whenever service has been discontinued by Springfield Utilities, or a trip is made for the purpose of discontinuing service, a reconnection charge will be collected  before service is restored. A reconnection fee will be charged to the customer whose name/account is on the cut off list for non-pay. An additional fee will be charged for reconnects for nonpayment after 4 p.m. No personal checks are accepted for an account which has been cut-off for non-payment.  Reconnects will only be processed inside City Hall, not at the drive thru window.

Bad Check Policy

When financial institutions return checks to the City for insufficient funds or accounts closed the City will issue a service charge to the writer of the check and require the check to be picked up by a specified date. Customers with insufficient fund checks will be allowed 10 days from notification to pick up before service(s) are discontinued. Service(s) will be discontinued immediately on checks returned on accounts closed.

To view the City of Springfield Service Practice Policies click here