Used Oil Collection Center

The Public Works Department is a state approved used oil collection center. The Tennessee Used Oil Collection Act of 1993 makes it unlawful for any person to discharge used oil where it may harm the environment. It is illegal to dispose of used oil down a drain, into a storm sewer, lake, river, stream, or on the street or the ground.

When performing maintenance or repairs on your vehicle it is important to remember that the only proper method of disposal for used motor oil, oil filters, and antifreeze is to recycle it at a used oil and antifreeze collection site.

First, collect the oil in a clean container making sure not to spill any fluid on the pavement or soil, then bring the oil to your nearest used oil collection location.

It's important to clean up even small spills. Use an approved absorbent or cat litter to absorb the spill and then collect this material and dispose of in the trash.

Used Oil Collection Policies

You can bring your used oil for recycling during our normal business hours.
  • Used motor oil only
  • No other fluids can be mixed with the used oil
  • There is a five gallon limit
  • Springfield city limits residents only
  • We do not accept used oil from commercial or businesses
Thank you for recycling used oil.

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    Phone: 615-384-2746