811 Sticker
Call Before You Dig
Are you thinking about building a new swimming pool, installing a drain tile system or constructing a new building? For your convenience the Springfield Gas Department and other utilities have joined a "One Call System. All you have to do is call the "One Call" number 72 hours prior to your planned excavation and provide them with the information concerning your work. They in turn will alert the utilities that are participating in the "One Call" program.
Before you begin any type of excavation, please call One Call System of Tennessee at 800-351-1111 or simply dial 811. This program, a free service courtesy of the State of Tennessee, is designed to prevent excavation damage to pipelines, utilities, water lines and telecommunication systems. The law requires notification and fines can be imposed for failure to comply.
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Within 72 hours of your call, the Springfield Gas Department will investigate the area of your work and mark in yellow paint, flags or stakes where our pipelines are located. Every effort is made to place the markings directly above the pipe, but the location could vary 2 feet in either direction. Depth of the pipeline is not usually indicated, requiring extreme caution while excavating in close proximity of a marked facility. It is required that pipelines be exposed by hand digging.

Please take the time to fill out our Public Awareness Surveys as well as take the 811 promise.