Fees, Deposits, & Penalties


Deposits for residential customers shall be waived if a letter, (on utility letterhead),  can be provided from last utility provider stating the customer had outstanding credit during the last twelve (12) months of service.

Deposits will be refunded upon termination of service or after one (1) year of timely payments.

Bad debt and bankruptcy customers must provide a deposit of two (2) times the system average bill for the service type and rate classification applied for.


Utility Residential Deposit
Commercial Deposit
Electric $240 $425
Water $95 $265
Sewer $120 $420
Gas $150 $460

Service Fees

Utility Residential Commercial &
Electric $20 $50 $100
Water $20 $25 $50
Sewer $20 $25 $50
Gas $20 $50 $100
Note: All service charges are nonrefundable.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Additional trip for gas turn-on: $20
  • Lighting gas on request: $20
  • Meter Tampering Fee: $150 for the 1st offense for any form of meter tampering that occurs and is covered under "Conditions of Service" regulations; $300 for the 2nd offense
  • Overtime: $100 (per "Conditions of Service" regulations)
  • Reconnect Fee: $50 when customer service(s) are disconnected for non payment of a bill.
  • Returned Check: $30
  • Summer Disconnect or Reconnect Fee: $30

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