Property Maintenance & Regulations

Maintenance Regulations
The Community Development Department also enforces property maintenance regulations pertaining to health and sanitation. The department inspects and enforces code violation issues pertaining to:
  • Automobiles remaining unmoved, inoperable and unlicensed for a period of 30 days or more
  • Dead animals
  • High grass
  • The location or parking of house trailers and portable buildings
  • Smoke, soot, cinders, noxious fumes or gases
  • Stagnant water
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Weeds and rubbish
The City of Springfield Water / Wastewater, Electric, and Gas Departments will not sell or furnish any electricity, water or gas to the owners or occupants of any premises which have been declared a public nuisance and unfit for human habitation by the Community Development Department.

Property maintenance regulations pertaining to health and sanitation can be accessed by viewing the Springfield Municipal Code (PDF) Title 13, "Property Maintenance Regulations".
  1. Paved Driveways
  2. Unsafe Buildings
Paved Driveways Required
All new single-family, 2-family or multi-family residential structures must have paved driveways, turn-arounds and parking areas constructed of concrete or hot mix asphalt. A certificate of occupancy will not be issued until a paved driveway in compliance with City code has been constructed.

Sections 12-107 and 12-108 of the Springfield Municipal Code (PDF) pertain to requirements for paved driveways.