Alcoholic Beverages Permit

Alcoholic Beverages - Intoxicating Liquors
The City of Springfield allows the sale and consumption of liquor with an alcohol content of more than 5% if properly approved by both the City and the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC). Persons interested in pursuing this type of business should always contact ABC by dialing 615-741-1602.

Liquor Store License
An application for a liquor store license may be received in the City Recorder's office at City Hall. Liquor stores shall not be located within a distance of 600 feet of a church, school or other public institution.

Liquor by the Drink

Liquor by the drink is regulated primarily by the State of Tennessee. Anyone interested in obtaining a license for liquor by the drink must apply with the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission. A liquor by the drink license requires a completed application, minimum seating for 75 persons and an inspection by the ABC before consideration for approval.

To view more information about liquor store regulations, view the Springfield Municipal Code Title 8, "Alcoholic Beverages", Chapter 1 entitled "Intoxicating Liquors".