Beer Permit


Businesses that desire to sell beer for off-premise and on-premise consumption must complete the Beer Permit application through the City Clerk's office, and pay a $250 nonrefundable application fee. Applications must be approved by the Springfield Beer Board before beer can be sold legally within the city limits of Springfield. The Beer Board meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m., at City Hall.


No off-premise beer permit shall be issued authorizing the storage, sale or manufacture of beer within 100 feet of any school (public or private), daycare, park, playground, or church as measured on a straight line from the nearest point of the said building to the nearest point of the building or structure where beer is stored, sold or manufactured.


There is an exception that this provision shall not be applicable to the renewal of any existing permit outstanding as of September 19, 2006.  Also, the additional exception that there shall be no distance requirement between a permit location and any church that has been granted a conditional use permit within a Commercial General zoning district.

Eating Establishments

On-premise beer permits shall not be issued except to eating establishments that possess seating capacities for not less than 25 persons and where hot meals or lunches are regularly served and where food revenues make up at least 40% of the gross sales of the business.