Parade & Special Event Permits

Parade & Special Event Permits

It is unlawful to hold a parade or special event within the City of Springfield without first obtaining a permit from the City Recorder. The definition of "parade & special event" under the Springfield Municipal Code includes any meeting, parade, demonstration, exhibition, festival, homecoming, assembly, or other such events to be held in, upon, or along any street, or on any other city owned outdoor public place. The ordinance does not apply to funeral processions and park lands excluding the street, avenues or rights-of-way therein.

Parade & Special Event permits are necessary to regulate the time, place and manner of parades and similar functions or events that are held on city roads and rights-of-way. Permits are only issued after the Public Works Director, Chief of Police and City Manager approval.


Any person seeking issuance of a parade or special event permit must file an application with the City Recorder.  The application must be filed in writing with the City Recorder not less than 30 days prior to the contemplated parade or special event.  
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