Animal Control

The City of Springfield Animal Control Division consists of 2 full-time animal control officers under the supervision of the Springfield Police Department. These officers are responsible for enforcing the animal control ordinances of the City of Springfield. The Animal Shelter is located on Industrial Drive near its intersection with Josephine Street.

Animal control officers are available Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. each day. The officers' primary responsibility is to respond to citizen complaints about animal control ordinance violations. The officers patrol the streets looking for stray animals that are running at large or running without an approved rabies tag. They also:
  • Investigate bite cases
  • Investigate pit bull registrations
  • Look for lost pets
  • Operate and maintain the Animal Shelter
  • Pick up wounded or dead animals

Animals Running At Large

It is unlawful to keep farm animals, domestic fowl or livestock within the city limits, unless the property is zoned agriculture and contains 5 or more acres. It is also unlawful to allow these animals to run at large.

Dogs & Cats

View the regulations for dogs and cats within the City of Springfield.



Ordinance Reference

All City of Springfield ordinances pertaining to animal control can be referenced in Title 10 of the Springfield Municipal Code.